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About Me

Hello, my name is Tony and I am a web developer. I specialize in frontend development and love writting JavaScript. To make this short and to the point, I love all things open source, and I especially like writing in JavaScript and css for my frontend UI's and prefere to code in Ruby or Node for the backend. Sinatra and Rails if I'm writting in Ruby and Node/express if I'm writting the backend with javascript.

I have been doing web develepment for the past 5 years. I freelanced throughout my college years at the NewEngland Institute of Art. Working mostly with small business owners and young professionals that needed a web presence. This gave me the oppurtunity to put what I was learning to use in the real world.

When I left college, I did an internship at There I cut my teeth on some major web applications and Facebook landing pages. It was fasted pace and little room for mistakes, I learned a lot there and it was an amazing experience.

I went back to freelance and learning more about real world MVC with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails framework, and here I am. There is nothing I enjoy more than coding and designing complete web applications that are clean and user friendly.